"Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft." - Microsoft Web Site

The Big Easy Offer 2.0 gives you choices on Microsoft products and solutions that fit your needs. For every qualifying product you purchase, Microsoft pays you partner subsidy funds to purchase more products and services from the Microsoft Partner of your choice.

Learn more about Microsoft's Virtualization efforts and the HyperVisor at Microsoft's Virtualization Home Page.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Technology Now is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and has enterprise wide experience in Active Directory upgrades and migrations, SQL Server and clustered deployments with SAN architecture, enterprise wide Exchange deployments and experience with supporting Exchange across an entrpise wide network.

Technology Now has experience with IIS in a load balanced environment, and Terminal Services including many 3rd party management products including Citrix, Print2RDP, RemoteScan, 2x, Hangman, and Netilla just to name a few of them.

We have experience deploying SharePoint Portal and Services, and the integration between SharePoint and other Microsoft products. We also have extensive experience with add on services to Microsoft products such as Blackberry Enterprise Server, and experience deploying BES enterprise wide.

As VMware Enterprise Partners, we have experience virtualizing all major Microsoft Server offerings.

Should you ever run into major operational issues with Active Directory or Exchange, Technology Now has experience troubleshooting these issues on our own, and know when to bring in Microsoft Support to assist.

We can work with your staff to deploy Microsoft solutions as the project lead, or just to architect the the solution and provide as needed guidance based upon our experience deploying Microsoft solutions.

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